Thursday, November 21, 2013

What 3:30 does to a person

University…higher level education...What does that mean to someone who has never experienced something so new and so uplifting. My parents never went to a University, for all I know they finished school at an elementary level. Never did my family ever lived to see the day in which someone in the family would go to the university. Of course never did I see myself going to a school of higher learning. Coming from a family of immigrant background, it was difficult to adjust to the normalities of a kid in the United States. What I mean by this is that many students that have parents that are born in the United States have some level of education. They know the routine and the paths one must undergo to become successful. These actions are what I call the "normalities", because they are normal of a kid with an American background. Their parents did it and their will also come a time for the kid to do the same thing. However in my case, where my parents only finished the fourth grade, what was expected from me was far confusing and sketchy. What the hell was I suppose to do? Just go to school and hope that I get the best grades, the best teachers, the best living situations, and then and only then can I have the possibilities to go to the University. Even within the confinements of a University level will I succeed? Shit that is a lot of pressure for me. Especially since I am the first generation college student. Don't get me started to the way I manifest my story and journey to my younger brother, cause I don't. Shoot, I believe in a pragmatic approach to life, that means struggle and the recognition to defeat. From these obstacles can you become a better version of yourself. (I digress) Going back to what I was saying earlier, even if I do overpass the challenges of society and school, when I do have the opportunity to attend college will my progress be enough to my survival in the University? I mean if you think about it, College is a whole different playing field, you got no rules, no one looking after you, its just me, myself and I. If you slip up, stop going to class, stop doing work, hardly study, party, drink, socialize, and hardly set aside time for academics you will fuck up--badly, and it will be all YOUR FAULT. Then again, that doesn't necessarily mean that it is going to happen, but it is a possibility.
However, as I write this blog it is 4:00 am, with nothing but laptop in my lap and my eyes half way shutting down. By the way, I am in college, I think I said that previously but if you didn't catch that, then here it goes again. I am in College. Fuck yeah stereotypes suck on that! And no I ain't failing I am actually doing good, well I am managing. My biggest goal, and hopefully my accomplishment from College is to write better. This is the purpose for this blog, to record my writing progress. To hopefully one day be the best writer ever. Not because I want to venture into that field, but because I just want to practice cleaning my thoughts accordingly to make my arguments valid and powerful. Hopefully I get to achieve that level of progress, someday. For now this will be my first blog post and hopeful I post one every day. Any who I just want to say goodnight and have sweet dreams. Peace and Love.